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       Tianjin Acheson Technology Co., Ltd. is an international trading company specializing in the sale of imported mechanical spare parts, instrumentation and other transmission products. As a modern enterprise specializing in sales of imported equipment and electromechanical accessories all over the world, its distribution products are widely used in metallurgy, steel, petrochemical, energy, aerospace, container terminals, automobiles, water conservancy, papermaking, power plants, textiles, injection molding, rubber, medical , food packaging and other fields. Advantages imported brands include: Germany KTR series products (ROTEX quincunx elastic coupling, ROTEX GS no backlash elastic coupling, POLY-NORM elastic coupling, BoWex curved tooth coupling, internal combustion engine flange coupling, BoWex-ELASTIC high-flex flange coupling, GEARex all-steel gear coupling, RADEX-N/NC diaphragm coupling, TOOLFLEX bellows coupling, CLAMPEX expansion sleeve, etc.), Germany RINGFEDER expansion sleeve GERWAH couplings in Germany, TSCHAN couplings in Germany, FLAK in the United States, TOLLOK in Italy, TAS in Germany, NILOS-RING in Germany and so on.
         Since its inception, the company has always put the interests of its clients first, and under the premise of guaranteeing product quality, supply cycle and all-round service, it has closely grasped product information and industry trends. Market-oriented, product-based, continuous reform and innovation, advancing with the times. In the years of steady development, the company has established excellent relations of cooperation with many well-known electronic component suppliers at home and abroad, and has established a stable and efficient supply chain system in Europe, America, Japan and many other countries and regions.